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High-Performance Tool for Growing Success

"Unternehmen online" provides for modern online accounting and is an intelligent solution for your data and accounting slip management. You benefit in terms of increased company transparency, can plan on a larger scale, take measures faster and gain new opportunities for growing business success.

Take the decisive step into the future! We are pleased to advise you in these matters.

  • Accounting slips: simple digitisation programme
  • Accounting: data exchange online
  • Reporting: above-standard options
  • Payment transactions online: cash journal, dunning, invoices
  • Bank accounts: account movements and turnovers at the click of your mouse
  • Order processing: handling and further processing of sales documents, data management
  • Payroll accounting: parking of wages/salaries, evaluation of data

Accounting Slips: Simple Digitisation

You scan your accounting slips with a scanner or fax machine. Relevant data such as the invoice date or amount are automatically recognised by a self-learning OCR (Optical Character Recognition) programme. After a certain learning phase this programme provides almost 100% data recognition. Tagging can be easily made online. The slips are filed in accordance with auditing requirements and are accessible at any time with a mouse click. Your original documents remain with your company, sending the documents in a binder is a thing of the past. You have unrestricted access to your original documents and slips and the online data.  

Accounting: Data Exchange Online

After digitisation of your accounting slips we call the data up online and process them. We do your accounting as often as you want it to be done - every day, once per week or once per month. You decide flexibly and as required which accounting work our office team is to do for you.

Reporting: Above-Standard Options

The reporting function is a decisive advantage of online accounting. You want to have up-to-date business figures, open-item lists, evaluation of financial accounting or human resources management? Any calculation option is possible. Our team supports you with above-standard evaluations of your business figures. You determine the up-to-dateness of the figures by your accounting rhythm - the shorter the accounting intervals, the more up-to-date your business data.

Payment Transactions Online: Cash Journal, Dunning, Invoices

The "Unternehmen online" programme provides you with new and practical functions for managing your payment transactions. With a mouse click you can view open and/or paid invoices, you can make payments directly from the slip shown on your screen and check entry formulas with the stored accounting slips. You can automate your dunning routines and keep your cash journal online. Digitised cash vouchers are transferred directly into the cash journal, cash movements are recorded and processed online. Entries are checked for completeness and chronological order and a negative cash balance is investigated. The cash journal can be printed out and proper keeping of the cash journal documented.

Bank Accounts: Account Movements and Turnovers at the Click of Your Mouse

Your bank accounts are accessible online. With a click of your mouse you can check your account movements online. You can transmit debit notes for customers to the bank electronically.

Order Processing: Handling and Further Processing of Sales Documents, Data Management

With the "Unternehmen online" software you can prepare offers, order confirmations, delivery notes, invoices, credit notes and payment reminders, and you can handle and further process your sales documents. For example, making out an invoice on the basis of an offer requires just a mouse click. You can send invoices to your customers electronically. You maintain your prices, product and customer data in one system, which improves your data quality.

Payroll Accounting: Parking of Wages/Salaries, Evaluation of Data

Our office team prepares your wage and salary printouts based on the data entered by you in advance (master data, wages and salaries, overtime, etc.). This data collection provides the benefit of an evaluation of up-to-date figures or a preliminary calculation of the amounts to be paid out. After preparation of the wage and salary slips we make the payment order available to you online for approval.

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With this QR code you can access this website directly – fast and easy

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